We send you on world and time travels with augmented reality. As you solve tasks, you explore the world together as a team and work towards a shared goal.

We use augmented reality, because players can still see each other and orientate themselves in real space. This makes playing a special kind of team activity for everyone – virtual experiences can be experienced together instead of alone in space. This allows the players to talk to each other about the experience and train their team skills while doing so.


Our first journey takes us to the Arctic. The climate researcher Professor Aureus urgently needs to transmit his research data and just today his thermometer broke. Now it’s your turn: play your way through the room together and help Professor Aureus to bring the day to a happy end. Are you ready?

Age: 10+
Number of players: 2-4
Playing time: approx. 20 minutes


“JOURNEY TO THE ARCTIC” can currently be booked for events, festivals, action days or as part of project days. If desired, an additional station can be implemented, in which the children can apply and deepen what they have learned.

Duration: 4h-8h (half day – full day) including support and technology
Playing time for 4 children: approx. 20 minutes.
1st Station: Arctic Room
2nd Station (Optional & Choice of):

  • Build your own thermometer
  • “My researcher portrait” – collect information to researchers
  • Build polar bear scene with CoSpaces Edu (Augmented Reality application)

At the end, the children receive a digital award, which is also available as a physical certificate “Basic knowledge of the Arctic”.



Head of Creative / Story:
Franziska Weser

Technical Director:
Simeon Conzendorf (blendFX)

Art Director:
Robert Schröder (Lumalenscape GmbH)

Project Management:
Marc Dietsche (blendFX)

Scientific Advisor:
Lisa Grosfeld

Level Design:
Christoph Schade

Virtual Set Design:
Juliane Fischer

Research assistant:
Amelie Friedrich

Speaker Professor:
Tim Ludwig


We are currently working on the pilot episode of our first production series “Climate XChange”. Climate XChange is about making the consequences of climate change tangible, traveling to important places and times in world events and educating yourself and others about the state of the world. Along the way you will encounter numerous obstacles, challenges and opportunities to take common steps and achieve goals that are reflected in the overall game.

The first episode “Expedition to the Arctic” takes the players to the Arctic, where they turn into a research team to collect information. They have to complete tasks in a team that were derived from the tasks of real research teams and based on the actual Arctic expedition “MOSAIC” of the Alfred Wegener Institute.