HEARTUCATE means: experiencing learning together in new dimensions!

What started as an idea of two educators turned into a transformative movement of different disciplines for an educational change and a mindset shift. By combining different experience and gaming concepts with modern Mixed Reality technologies, Heartucate was born. In interdisciplinary teams of education, media and technology we create a new mixed media format, that will invent a new way of experiencing the world and opens up spaces for a collaborative action and a positive approach towards ourselves and each other.

We create interactive story adventures with Augmented and Mixed Reality, in which children and youngsters become world and time travellers in multiplayer treasure hunting worlds. While they are solving tasks, they explore the world as a group and thereby work towards a shared goal.

Heartucate won the Samsung 5G for Society Challenge and is thereby supported by national and international partners such as Samsung, the Technische Universität Dresden and the 5G Lab Germany. Our goal is to bring Heartucate everywhere and thereby foster collaborative action patterns regardless of existing infrastructures or cultural differences. We believe in the magic of shared experiences, shared values and shared common goals.

So let’s do this – let’s #heartucate!