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We turn learning into a shared experience – do you want to join in?

Hi, we are Heartucate. We develop digital learning experiences with augmented reality in multiplayer mode. We connect the analogue world with digital content, create new learning experiences and thus promote team skills in a playful way.

What is Heartucate?


Solve tasks together or decide within your team how to proceed. Work together to reach your goal.


Explore real existing or fictional places and solve tasks in the real room. You are the protagonists in the game!


We connect learning with gamification elements and bring learning contents to you in a playful way using augmented reality!


You want to try on of our digital rooms? Or you would like to create your very own room in our format? Then please choose your path:


I want to book a digital experience and I am interested in already existing productions.

Story Lab

I want to create my own content for a digital application for my very own context.


I am interested in a collaboration / I have something else I want to ask.


Cooperation with the INSPIRATA

19|07|2023 – Our interactive augmented reality application "Journey to the Arctic" is coming to the INSPIRATA in Leipzig and will be part of the programme. The non-profit association has set itself the goal [...]

Vincent Schiller as CTO / modular Heartucate framework

31|05|2023 – Vincent Schiller is Heartucate's new Technical Director / CTO. Thereby Heartucate is not complemented with a great shareholder, but also with a specifically developed internal modular framework for interactive multiplayer applications [...]

Internship start for Lukas Krieg

01|05|2023 – Start of internship for Lukas Krieg at Heartucate. The Macromedia student for Game Design is doing his practical semester in the field of 3D and game design with us. We are [...]


Franziska Weser
Media Educator | Media Psychologist

  • Strategical Management & General Management
  • Development & conception of innovative mixed reality formats
  • Networking & Corporateship

Franziska Weser

Vincent Schiller
Technical Lead

  • Technical Lead & Strategic product development
  • Workflow & Process optimization
  • Framework development

Vincent Schiller

Nadja Frank
Financing | Business Strategy Consultant

  • Funding advice & Financing strategy for projects
  • Distribution and sales strategy
  • Business development consultancy

Nadja Frank


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