Would you like to develop your own interactive content for your own purposes? Do you have an idea that you would like to turn into a digital experience? Do you want to offer your target group a very special interactive experience? Then come to us in the Story Lab and we will develop digital content for you that will turn your ideas into a playful experience


In order to tell interactive content in space in a comprehensible way, we offer a story lab in which stories are created in 3D space and ideas are transformed into an interactive experience. These can be individual (also collaboratively playable) objects, as well as experiences for groups in digital collaborative rooms.

It’s not just about the content you want and how it can be told in an original way in the room, but also about the planning of your content that is as implementation-compliant as possible.

In order to be able to turn your idea into an actionable, calculable concept, we offer you a story lab for interactive content. Depending on your wishes, we will develop an implementation concept together with you, which we can then put into action within a network.

We offer you in the lab:

  • Development of the content of an interactive and implementable spatial concept depending on the learning or experience goal (conceptual development with the MIRO tool with the aim of a production-ready implementation concept)
  • Consulting services from a multidisciplinary network depending on the needs and requirements of the concept

You can then put your digital experience into action with us afterwards. For this we produce your digital experience according to your wishes within a network. We can design both the tracker and the application so that it suits your needs.


Whether it’s an original team building, digital mobile exhibition concepts as an interactive supplement, the promotion of new skills as a digital module or also for the entertainment area: we offer you a fun and new experience in the interactive space. Depending on your wishes, you can expand existing concepts in a meaningful way, make entire rooms digitally experienceable without much material expenditure or plan interactive scavenger hunts in public space.


For museums
  • Experience-oriented playful additions embedded into existing analogue exhibition concepts
  • Mobile exhibition content in the context of public relations / science communication


For educational institutions

  • Development of interactive learning units for small groups or individual applications
  • Complementing existing teaching and learning materials with digital interactive content
  • Supplementing interactive workshops with AR content


For companies

  • Training and interactive education of employees in collaborative setups
  • Presentation of the company at trade fairs/events
  • Creative team building in company-specific digital worlds and experiences


For entertainment purposes

  • Complementing of linear productions (series, films, videos, books) with an interactive format
  • Development of event-specific team games as part of trade fairs/project days or other fun activities

Are you interested in the Story Lab and want to learn more about it?

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