Who is Heartucate?

Franziska Weser
Head of Development | General Manager

  • Strategical Management & General Management
  • Development & conception of innovative mixed media formats
  • Networking & Corporateship

Visionary * Optimist * Networker

„Education ist the root of our society. If we want change, that’s where to start.“

Robert Schröder
Head of Producing & Art Direction

  • Visual Concept & Art Direction 2D/3D
  • Production Lead
  • Conception of production workflows and processes
Simeon Conzendorf
Head of Technology

  • Technological Workflows
  • Interaction Design 3D
  • Technical conception of interactive 3D worlds
Christoph Schade
Intern Game Design / Level Design

  • Production Assistant
  • Level Design Unity
  • Digital Set Design
Paulina Klebanova
Accounting / Controlling

  • Accounting and Finances
  • Controlling
  • Financial strategy
Madita E. Heubach
Educational systems Designerin

  • Adviser for system intervention processes
  • Educational Researcher
  • Journalist & Author

*Visionary *Designer

„Strength arises from the connectedness of plurality.“ 

You want to join our team?
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