Climate workshop pilot together with the LFD Sachsen e.V.

15|11|2022Together with the Landesfilmdienst Sachsen e.V., we piloted a workshop on November 15, 2022 on the subject of the Arctic and climate change with a class from the Thomas-Mann Gymnasium in Oschatz. As part of an environmental project day, we brought the Arctic into the classroom and led the children through various stations in small groups. The students were able to experience the Arctic at one station and help the climate researcher Professor Aureus, watch a film about the Arctic and climate change at another station followed by a film discussion and get creative at a third station using the augmented reality app CoSpaces. A wonderful first step towards school, which we are happy to repeat and which has inspired us to take more.


EduVisionaries Podcast “Virtual Learning Worlds”

28|10|2023 – Franziska was a guest at "Eduvisionaries - Education that works." and, together with headmaster Gert Mengel of the Don Bosco School in Rostock, part of the podcast series on the topic [...]

Cooperation with the INSPIRATA

19|07|2023 – Our interactive augmented reality application "Journey to the Arctic" is coming to the INSPIRATA in Leipzig and will be part of the programme. The non-profit association has set itself the goal [...]

Vincent Schiller as CTO / modular Heartucate framework

31|05|2023 – Vincent Schiller is Heartucate's new Technical Director / CTO. Thereby Heartucate is not complemented with a great shareholder, but also with a specifically developed internal modular framework for interactive multiplayer applications [...]

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