With us, you can become world and time travellers in augmented reality worlds! While you are solving tasks, you explore the world as a team and thereby work towards a shared goal.

Playing becomes a special kind of team event for everyone – virtual experiences can be experienced together instead of alone in the virtual room! We use Augmented Reality, because players can still see each other and orientation to reality and the location is maintained. That’s how you can experience the world together while learning something about the real world.


Would you like to try out one of our adventures and travel to the Arctic with Augmented Reality? Our free demo version gives you the opportunity to do so even before the future Heartucate Experience is released! We are in a constant process of further development and are continuously optimizing our app.

To do so, we work together with cooperational partners from science, technology, media production and education in order to recreate the virtual locations as realistically as possible. Your feedback is of great help – so be part of the development team and help us bring the idea into reality!

Book an appointment for exclusive testing in our office, get to know us and our vision and dive into the Heartucate universe with us!

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We are currently working on the pilot episode of our first production series “Climate XChange – Where Worlds Collide”. “Climate XChange” is about bringing the consequences of climate change to life and asks you – the users – to travel to important places and times to learn about the current state of the world. On the way you will encounter numerous obstacles, challenges, and opportunities to solve problems and achieve goals together as a team.

The first episode “Expedition into the Arctic” takes the players to the Arctic, where they slip into the role of a research team to collect important information for the course of the game. You have to complete missions in a team that have been derived from the tasks of real research teams and are based on the real Arctic expedition “MOSAIC” by the Alfred-Wegener-Institut. During the mission, the players encounter different tasks, that gradually lead to an overall picture.


Would you like to use the Heartucate experience for your lessons? We are looking for pilot schools and institutions from the educational sector that are interested in using the experience and with whose feedback we can further develop our experiences. Interested? Then contact us using the contact form to receive further information about our offers.

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