Keynote “XR and Serious Games in training and education”

20|04|2023 – As part of the “Cross Innovation Made in Saxony” program, Kreatives Leipzig e.V. invited to various events that were intended to foster a transfer between the creative sector and industry. In the fourth part of the “Unknown Knowns” series, VR, XR and serious games and their potential for training and education were discussed. Next to Tom Micklich, Julien Schillinger and Marcus Klöppel, Franziska was able to give a keynote speech on the subject of “Training of future and team skills with collaborative augmented reality rooms”. A recording of the event is available via:

Project development funding MDM for “Mary Shelley – The Lost Memories”

18|04|2023 – We are happy about the approval of the Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung for the project development of “Mary Shelley – The Lost Memories”, an interactive augmented reality experience in multiplayer mode about Frankenstein’s author Mary Shelley.

In the experience, you meet Mary Shelley in her old office, but not as herself, but as an artificial intelligence. By fixing the #AI, you will learn about Mary Shelley and her life as a writer, her thoughts and progressive results. The experience is based between biographical work and dealing with artificial intelligence. We are happy about this great news and thereby can also bring our interns Sarah and Ernesta back. We say: Thank you, MDM!

Internship start for Tobias Marr

17|04|2023 – Start of internship for Tobias Marr at Heartucate. The media informatics student of the HTWK Leipzig has decided to do his internship at Heartucate and to support us in programming and documentation with Unity and our in-house framework. We look forward to spending time together and say: welcome!

Climate workshop pilot together with the LFD Sachsen e.V.

15|11|2022Together with the Landesfilmdienst Sachsen e.V., we piloted a workshop on November 15, 2022 on the subject of the Arctic and climate change with a class from the Thomas-Mann Gymnasium in Oschatz. As part of an environmental project day, we brought the Arctic into the classroom and led the children through various stations in small groups. The students were able to experience the Arctic at one station and help the climate researcher Professor Aureus, watch a film about the Arctic and climate change at another station followed by a film discussion and get creative at a third station using the augmented reality app CoSpaces. A wonderful first step towards school, which we are happy to repeat and which has inspired us to take more.

Heartucate at #kidscon2022!

25|09|2022We were able to present Heartucate at this year’s kidsCon – a conference for children’s media producers in Erfurt, which was organized by the innovation agency ida. In addition to great speakers and interactive gaming projects, we were allowed to pitch Heartucate and then present it on the Market Place. The motto was “It’s in the game”, which was exactly what applied to us, and numerous projects were presented that are currently being developed by public broadcasters directing towards interactive gaming. An exciting place to introduce our application! We are looking forward for more to come! Many thanks to everyone involved in the organisation of this event!

eduJAM educational conference “Augmented Learning” in Bern

10|09|2022Franziska was part of the eduJAM education conference in Bern (Switzerland) this year. In September, the theme was “Augmented Learning”. Here the participants could take part in various workshops on the subject of learning with extended digital methods and not only learn about the use of AI, but also about the embedding of new technologies in the educational context. Franziska offered a workshop on the subject of “Experiencing and developing augmented reality spaces”, in which participants could design their own rooms in small groups. The Arctic demo was of course also included and gave good starting points for developing your own ideas. The workshops were very popular and well attended, we would like to thank Adi, Florian and Monika for the great organization!

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